Tachometer Generator Tester
Model TG23G

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The Tachometer Generator Tester Model TG23G was developed to carry out analysis and functional checks on 2 pole, 3 phase tachometer generators.

Note: The TG23G test system does not include a motor drive for the UUT.

The hardware consists of an interface between the tachometer generator being tested and the analysis software. The interface also houses the resistive load-banks of 80 Ohms and 40 Ohms for testing the UUT under load conditions.
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The software Read Screen gives a graphic representation and readout of the UUT and the ability to select resistive loads into the system. The display consists of 3 analog meters with digital readouts, which display the RMS voltage and an analog dial indicator with a central digital display for RPM, and a digital display of the corresponding frequency. A Percent RPM analog dial indicator with central digital display is used to represent the test speed as a percent.

A Graph displays the sinewave voltage and frequency output of the 3 phases of the UUT, and test results and data can be logged using the UUT Log button.
The The Analyze screen displays the UUT information and test results.
The logged data is displayed on the table with columns of data in RPM, Frequency in Hz, RMS ac voltage of phase A B, B C and C A.

Printable reports can be generated in Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format and can be can be customised to insert company logos and other customised formats.
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