Precision Altimeter Standard
Model PS111

The PS111 Precision Altitude Reference utilises five altitude sensors to monitor and cross-check barometric altitude from -1 000ft to 50 000ft. All five altitude sensors cross-check each other over the entire range with an accuracy +70 Pascals (20 ft at sea level) and a warning is displayed, should one sensor exceed that tolerance. This system gives an exceptionally high level of accuracy confidence.
The Setup screen enables the Unit Under Test information to be entered, communication port to be selected, the status of the five sensors and system correction table.
The Read screen displays the current altitude, vertical speed, a graph, a status message panel and a data logging panel.
The Analyze screen includes a table of all the UUT logged data values and errors, a graph of errors, a graph of error trends.

Editable reports of the analyzed data can be generated in Microsoft Word document format or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.