Air Data Tester
Model PS131bII

The Model PS131bII is an advanced Air Data - Pitot Static Tester, which drastically simplifies the process of testing the aircraft’s Pitot and Static system. The test altitudes, airspeeds and vertical speeds are achieved by merely typing in the values, and the tester will automatically do the rest. The Model PS131bII is an entirely digital, microprocessor-controlled device using all solid-state transducers and components.
The Model PS131bII has powerful calibrating software, which results in extremely accurate values for altitude and airspeed.
The PS131bII is ideally suited for carrying out Pitot Static checks in accordance with GMR43.02.9 or equivalent FAR91.411 and FAR91.413 regulations.
Tests on the unit up to an altitude of 50,000 ft, have shown astonishingly accurate performance with typical errors of less than 5 feet!!
Features of the unit include:
> No crossfeed adjustments. Conventional testers require continual crossfeed adjustment to balance pitot and static pressures. The PS131bII carries out all adjustments automatically by simply entering in target altitudes or airspeeds.
> Automatic leak check. The unit will automatically check the integrity of the associated aircraft air data plumbing and measures the system leak rates.
> Altitude Encoder test. The Air Data Tester displays the encoded altitude, current altitude and the difference in altitude between the two. The altitude is displayed numerically as well as individual code output lines for easy viewing.
> QFE / QNH calculation. Accurate ambient QFE is displayed and if the airfield elevation is known, QNH data can be also be obtained.
> Interface to PC / Laptop. A PC or Laptop can be connected directly to the unit via standard serial link (RS232) to expand its capabilities. The unit can be controlled remotely from the PC / laptop and the computer software displays all the information on one screen as well as calculates other values such as Mach number. Conversions from metric to imperial units can also be obtained.
> Durable "Pelican" type housing. The Model PS131bII is housed in a durable, water resistant Pelican type housing rated to IP64.
> Autonomy. The Model PS131bII requires no external vacuum or pressure pumps. No correction charts are necessary.
> Calibration Integrity. On start up, the unit carries out a diagnostic test routine and checks all the internal systems and calibration data for validity. Calibration due date and authority are stored internally for serviceability verification and lockout codes prevent the calibration data being tampered with.
* Vertical speed is dependant on the aircraft static system volume and altitude. Up to 5000 ft/min can be expected on a simple static system at sea level.
What other people say about the Model PS131b
Andrew Reynolds Equatorial Guinea
"What a pleasure to use. We use the PS131b to carry out tests on our Sikorsky S76C+ helicopters and have found the unit to be very easy to use, accurate and reliable."
Colin Lee CHC Helicopters
"I recently had the pleasure of using your Pitot Static tester for North Sea HUMS inspections on two Sikorsky S61 Helicopters. I found this device incredibly easy to use, and it removed all the extra work normally required in carrying out Pitot Static testing. The ease of just punching in the altitude and airspeed required and seeing the machine do the rest was a pleasure. I look forward to using this devise again in the future."

Kees Witteman The Netherlands
"My engineers have used your tester and they were very content with the performance. So, thanks from a happy customer."
Typical Specifications
 Altitude  -1000 Ft  50000 Ft  1 Ft  ± 5 Ft
 Airspeed  30 Kts 400 Kts 1 Kt   ± 1 Knot
 Vertical Speed  500 Ft/min 5000 Ft/min* 10 Ft/min  --- 
 Encoded Altitude -1000  30000 Ft  100 Ft   ---
Model PS131bII Air Data Tester
PS131bII with Laptop PC
Software display
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