Specialists is Aviation Test Equipment

Air Data Pitot Static Tester
Model PS131bII
The Model PS131bII is an advanced Air Data - Pitot Static Tester, which drastically simplifies the process of testing the aircraft’s Pitot and Static system. The test altitudes, airspeeds and vertical speeds are achieved by simply typing in the values and the tester will automatically do the rest. The Model PS131bII is a completely digital, microprocessor-controlled device using all solid state transducers and components.
Air Data Pitot Static Tester
Model PS131b
The Model PS131b is identical to the Model PS131bII except that is is housed in a 19 inch U2 rack mount enclosure. This ideal for labroatories and workshop applications.The Model PS131b is also a completely digital, microprocessor-controlled device using all solid state transducers and components
Tachometer Tester
Model TG23P
The model TG23P is an entirely solid state digital 3 Phase, 2 pole, Tachometer Generator Simulator. There are no motors, strobe lights or moving parts in the unit which makes it ideal for testing electro-mechanical type Tachometers, Percent RPM Indicators, Dual and Triple Tachometer indicators.
Computerised Compass Swing
Compass Swing V6 is a simple computer program that will carry out aircraft compass swing calculations for you. Step by step instructions are provided as you procede through the compass swing. Up to 3 compasses may be swung simultaneously.
2019 Update
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Precision Pressure Calibrator
Model PS150
The Model PS150 is a new project soon to be released. The unit is a stand-alone pressure calibrator used for testing and calibrating pressure related gauges, instruments, switches and transducers. The unit can also be connected to a PC to carry out detailed analysis and record generation.
Custom Manufactured Test Instrumentation.
The Customised Test Equipment or Instrumemtation can be manufactured to meet particular specifications and requirements.

Refurbish obsolete test rigs with reliable and accurate PC instrumentation.

Upgrade redundant control panels with easy intuitive computer based displays.
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Precision Altimeter Standard
Model PS111
The PS111 Precision Altitude Reference utilises five altitude sensors to monitor and cross-check barometric altitude from -1 000ft to 50 000ft which gives relaible and an exceptionally high degree of accuracy confidence.
Tachometer Generator Tester
Model TG23G
The Tachometer Generator Tester Model TG23G was developed to carry out analysis and functional checks on 2 pole, 3 phase tachometer generators.