Precision Pressure Calibrator
Model PS150

The Precision Pressure Calibrator Model PS150 is a cost-effective unit used to test and calibrate pressure gauges, pressure instruments, pressure switches and transducers. The Model PS150 is an autonomous, stand-alone unit housed in a durable weatherproof Pelican Case. The Model PS150 is primarily designed for aviation purposes but can equally be used in many industrial applications. The base unit can be used as a portable calibrator but can also be interfaced via USB to a PC to expand its capabilities. The unit is pneumatically operated but can via an oil separator be used on oil-driven systems.
UNITS Selectable ranges up to:   RESOLUTION ERROR +
PSI  120 PSI  0.1 PSI  0.1
kPa  800 kPa  0.1 kPa  0.5
Bar  8 bar  0.001 bar  0.005
Atmos  8 Atm  0.001 Atm  0.005
In Hg  240 In Hg  0.01 in Hg  0.15
With lower ranges the resolution and accuracy will change proportionally.

The Model PS150 is still under development and will be released soon.
The Base Unit is controlled by a full colour 7 touch screen with slider control or numeric keypad; a PC interface vastly expands the capabilities of the Model PS150:

Enter and record the UUT (Unit Under Test) Part Number, Make, Serial Number.
Select Full Scale ranges to match the UUT ranges.
Automatic Pressure Switch test records SPST to DPDT combinations of switches and records switch contact Volts Drop.
Analyse test results Logged error and deviation, maximum positive error, maximum negative error, average error. A chart gives a graphical presentation of all logged errors.
Ability to print and save analysis, thus saving time and providing accurate record keeping.
Fully autonomous with no hand pumps or manually operated regulators.
Generate printable reports automatically in Microsoft Word or Excel formats. Issue test and calibration records and reports to your customers in professional looking documents.