About Us

The ADI is located in the beautiful Fish Hoek valley south of Cape Town, South Africa. ADI is geared primarily toward the General Aviation sector of the aircraft maintenance industry and provides test equipment that is appropriate and relevant to its application. Understanding the difficulties of carrying out aircraft maintenance in remote locations, most of the test equipment has been developed from 'real life', practical requirements.
Some of our customers:
 LB-AVIONIK                     Austria
 Sky Express                       Crete
 Bristow Instruments          Canada
 GlobAll Aero Services          France
 Avionics Hellas                 Greece
 Sikorsky Helitech                Australia
 NHV                                The Netherlands
 A.I.R. Labs                          USA
 AeroTec                           Bulgaria
 Skyline Avionics                  Greece
 Court Helicopters              South Africa
 Execujet Maintenance          South Africa
 HeliFlight                          Finland
 Flight Technology                 New Zealand
 Schreiner & co                  Nigeria
 Advanced Aero Technologies USA
 Armscor                           South Africa
 Dienst Luchvaart Politie         The Netherlands
 Maxcraft Avionics              USA
 Cirrus Jet                             USA 
 Air Dallas Instruments        USA
 Pilatus Aircraft                     Switzerland 
 Aeronexus                        South Africa
 HELOG Lufttransport            Germany 
 Aircraft Instruments           South Africa
 EuroContinental Air              Spain 
 Troyes Aviation                  France 
 Orsmond Aviation                South Africa
 FlightDeck Instruments      South Africa
 Ait Tec Maintenance            South Africa
 Team Avionics                   USA
 Delta Air                             Croatia
 Charles Kendal & Partners  UK
 Aerofix Supplies                  Philippines
 Capital Air                          South Africa
 Silicone Engineering            South Africa
 J3 Avionice                         USA
 CHC Helicopters                  Canada